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Before traveling to the U.S., a citizen or national of a foreign country should consult with an Immigration Attorney. An immigration attorney can review your entry options to determine whether or not you require a Visa or if you qualify under the few visa exceptions such as the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).  A visa is an official authorization (usually attached to a passport) that allows one to enter and to travel about a country. The type of visa you will need is based on the purpose of your travel. Although there are many types of visas, they are grouped into the following two primary categories:

  • Visas for immigrants, those wishing to permanently reside in the US
  • Visas for non-immigrants, those coming to the US in order to study, work, tour or do business.

If you or a loved one are interested in obtaining a visa to enter into the United States, contact Maynor Law Firm today to discuss your visa options. You should have an experienced law firm to evaluate the problematic issues, process your paper work and handle your documentation.