ICE Holds/Immigration Bonds

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What is an “ICE Hold”?

An “ICE Hold” is a written demand from ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) that requires state authorities to hold you so that ICE can take you into custody after you are released from state custody.  An “ICE Hold” does not mean that the person must leave the country immediately and in some cases it does not mean that the person has to leave the country at all.  It does mean that you should contact an experienced immigration firm immediately to review the undocumented immigrants’ information.

What Should I do if someone has an ICE HOLD?

Do not post the bond and tell the person to not plead guilty to any charges in hopes of speeding up the process.  Often, the client may be eligible for an immigration bond, but it is important that you contact an attorney before making any decisions or taking any actions.

You should locate any immigration documents relating to your loved one, the detainee’s birth certificate, and their passport.  Find out what detention facility your family member is located in, their bond amount, and if there are criminal charges pending, find out what they are charged with.  If your family member has been served any paperwork by immigration, it will include an Alien number (A #), ask your loved one for that number. Set up an appointment and bring in all the documents listed.

What if I don’t know where my loved one is?

Typically, a detainee is moved several times to different jails.  Without an attorney, it is sometimes difficult for family members to find the exact location of their loved one.  Maynor Law Firm can locate your family member and each time they are moved, will provide you with all the necessary information concerning the facility where your relative is located.

What is an Immigration Bond? How much is An Immigration Bond?

There are different types of immigration bonds.  The most common bond for release from custody is a bond set by the immigration judge.  The average amount of immigration bail approved by the judge is between $5000 and $10,000.  Once the bond is set, the relatives of the immigrant have to pay the immigration bond.  After the immigration bond is posted, family or friends may then pick up the undocumented alien at the immigration jail or other location designated by immigration officials.

What is the chance for an Immigration Bond?

If a family member or friend has been arrested and has an ICE hold, contact Maynor Law Firm.  For no fee, we will review the case and give you the likelihood of his or her release from jail.  Make an appointment today to help your loved one.  Call (910) 227- 2177.